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Heinz World’s Smallest USB Microwave

27 Aug

Heinz’s Beanzawave is the world’s smallest, portable microwave and powered by the USB port on a laptop computer. It stands just 7.4inches tall by 6.2in wide and 5.9in deep, currently is only a prototype.

‘The single serve microwavable Snap Pots allow people to quickly heat and eat. We are therefore delighted to be working with Gordon as the Beanzawave is the perfect partner to Heinz Snap Pots, allowing a nutritious snack to be whipped up anywhere in just 60 seconds.’


Usb Beverage Chiller

27 Aug

You have heard of USB drink warmers, This one is designed keep your drink cold via the USB computer. The Usb Beverage Chiller is a cool kit features space-efficient beverage chiller keeps their drink at a cool 45 degrees and it can be fit a can, bottle or glass.

Thermodynamic Cooler preserves food by cooling effect of evaporation

27 Aug

“Thermodynamic Cooler” by Rochus Jacob is an innovative cooling system that doesn’t require electricity and preserves food and fruit by the cooling effect of evaporating water. Made of bio-plastics, clay and glass foam, the stackable cooling system can well replace your pantry, second fridge or an advanced fruit bowl. Comprising two pots, one inside the other, the cooler is filled with wet glass-foam that evaporates to cool the temperature by several degrees, thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, to chill the inner clay pot covered with a damp cloth. The rapid fall in temperature annihilates harmful micro-organisms and preserve the perishable foods for a longer duration.

Users are required to refill the cooler with water after every two days to keep the cooling and thus preservation on, while a green indicator keeps you informed about the water level or moisture within. The Thermodynamic Cooler is the perfect innovative product that not only reduces domestic energy consumption, without compromising comfort, but also helps in sustaining the environment.

Wall-E Clean N Go M-O

27 Aug

MO with real cleaning action! Move him along and watch him pick up debris along his path. Turn him around to see debris collected in the waste bin. Includes dance pad and connection cable.

Iiamo Go Self Heating Feeding Bottle

27 Aug

No BPA, PVC, Lead or Phthalates. Iiamo Go heats up the milk ( to ca 37 degrees) in about 4 minutes without the use of either batteries nor electricity and cords – just an organic heating cartridge. The secret is iiamo warm, a 100 % organic disposable heating cartridge, that only contains salt and water.

Wind Driven Boot Dryer

27 Aug

The WinDry works by directing air into the boot, accelerating the evaporation of moisture. A Venturi effect is also used to promote air movement within the boot’s dead end space (the toe) and is created by the air movement over the top of the product.

Love Pot Humidifiers

27 Aug

The Nanum Love Pot is a bright and colorful humidifier that does more than clear the air. Amazingly, the technology used in the Love Pot requires no electricity, it adds fragrant aromas to the room, and it gives back to society. Purchasing one of Sangmin Bae’s Love Pots contributes to the ‘Nanum Project’, where 100% of profits go toward scholarships for less fortunate children. Aside from being a really cute addition to home decor, it’s a charitable contribution.

Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener

27 Jul

At the touch of a button, the Oster Wine Opener easily opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge. The stylish and ergonomically designed soft-grip handle will fit into the palm of your hand for a firm grip. Also includes a foil cutter to remove wine seals and a recharging base for convenience.

Sigg Outdoor Cutlery Set

27 Jun

Eating on the go has never been this easy and may I add stylish. SIGG Cutlery is a locking blade utensil set that features a spoon, fork, knife and a bottle opener. It comes with a nylon pouch that keeps it on your hip. This is the perfect tool for campers and travelers.

Glowing Pillow – d°light Huggable

27 May

The d°light Huggable takes home furnishings to a new level as an innovative combination of ambient lighting and comforting pillow. The soft fuzziness of the wispy, mohair-like cover conceals 12 LEDs that do the glowing. The d°light Huggable can glow brightly for around 4 hours on four AA batteries, after which it dims gradually