Sigg Outdoor Cutlery Set

27 Jun

Eating on the go has never been this easy and may I add stylish. SIGG Cutlery is a locking blade utensil set that features a spoon, fork, knife and a bottle opener. It comes with a nylon pouch that keeps it on your hip. This is the perfect tool for campers and travelers.


Glowing Pillow – d°light Huggable

27 May

The d°light Huggable takes home furnishings to a new level as an innovative combination of ambient lighting and comforting pillow. The soft fuzziness of the wispy, mohair-like cover conceals 12 LEDs that do the glowing. The d°light Huggable can glow brightly for around 4 hours on four AA batteries, after which it dims gradually

Human CD Holder – Lifting Man

27 Apr

Add an artistic touch and keep your CDs organized with our Human CD Holder. These CD Holders feature human figurines that are positioned to look like they assist in holding the CDs. Choose from Pushing Man and Lifting Man. Each sold separately. Pushing Man CD Holder measures 4.7 x 20 x 7. Lifting Man CD Holder measures 4.7 x 9.5 x 8.25.

FlapFlap – Floating Lamp

27 Mar

This super lamp cool is called ”FlapFlap”. It is a limited version designed by German designer. Know how it is floating? The secret is the wire is more stronger than you thought.

SEI Black Steel Wall-Mount CD Rack

27 Mar

Diamond shaped in design, this modern black steel framed CD holder brings an added flair to the display of your collection. It will hold up to 108 of your favorite CDs on any wall. Hang several together in different patterns for more storage and wall decoration!