Thermodynamic Cooler preserves food by cooling effect of evaporation

27 Aug

“Thermodynamic Cooler” by Rochus Jacob is an innovative cooling system that doesn’t require electricity and preserves food and fruit by the cooling effect of evaporating water. Made of bio-plastics, clay and glass foam, the stackable cooling system can well replace your pantry, second fridge or an advanced fruit bowl. Comprising two pots, one inside the other, the cooler is filled with wet glass-foam that evaporates to cool the temperature by several degrees, thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, to chill the inner clay pot covered with a damp cloth. The rapid fall in temperature annihilates harmful micro-organisms and preserve the perishable foods for a longer duration.

Users are required to refill the cooler with water after every two days to keep the cooling and thus preservation on, while a green indicator keeps you informed about the water level or moisture within. The Thermodynamic Cooler is the perfect innovative product that not only reduces domestic energy consumption, without compromising comfort, but also helps in sustaining the environment.


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